Well, it wouldn’t take long for RA to be in semi-retirement before we managed to pull it back into service for you wonderful people.

The reason RA was so un-friendly and thus un-updateable at times, was its reliance on old fashioned hard-coding for every single page, which meant that the underlying layout and code has remained unchanged in over 18 months from when it was a simple 5 page expansion of the then successful GamingHours we ran.
Then when RA started to take off due in no small part to the backing of the producers of the products we feature, we were short sighted and didn’t redesign the site to be scalable. Wrong thing to do.

Long story short – Randomly Accessed is in a bit of a mess and it will take a while to sort it out. So we have moved over to the agile blogging format for the time being (only until the new site is done) in an attempt to make sure our readers can still appreciate the reviews that have made us the place to be seen reading.

In the coming weeks we should have uploaded the back catalogue of reviews, and will hopefully have a custom skin ready and raring to go.

Watch this space though, for more info on the new site:




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