$15 MP3 Player Review

With the sheer volume of digital music players on the market, you’d think they’d be able to drive the price down well before now, but not being one to complain, we got the $15 MP3 player from USBGEEK in the US of A to review…

The first thing you need to know is that you need to provide your own storage in the form of a standard SD card (these range from about 32MB to 2/4GB in size, and can start from about £6). This will bump the price up some, but then again, SD cards can be used in various applications so you really do need one lying about.


Secondly you need to use your own headphones. The ones supplied are a bit crap, and really need to be thrown.
When you do supply your own though, make sure they have a volume control, as the unit itself is relatively difficult to do this on the fly.
Sound quality is ok for listening to on the bus where there is a lot of background noise, but not especially good. Power drainage is pretty good as well, although batteries will add up over a time, making it more expensive than an internal unit.You can also use the device as a USB dongle; however, the batter holster is located in such a way, that makes it impossible to plug into a laptop without a hub.

With the economy of this unit, I’d recommend this for children who really would like an MP3 player, but can’t be trusted not to lose a £200 iPod; it could also be used as a beach or holiday player, making it an extremely useful purchase.

Model: MP3 player
RRP: $15


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