Destroy All Humans!

There have been many a game focusing on alien invasions, all of which have been from the humans point of view. Trying to save the puny planet they inhabit, the humans always win.
However, all has been shaken, for the first time you play as the invading race.

The look and fell of the game is very platform-like, but is very open and allows you to either fly in a saucer or run around on the ground killing people via electric shock or the most grisly death, anal-probe.
Level progression is monitored by the amount of brains you have harvested from the humans, allowing you free-roam to kill before you start the next mission. Whilst carrying out a task you cannot stray too far from the ‘invasion’ area, but you get a lot more freedom when you have completed it and are required to kill for brain-power.Throughout the experience there are a lot of comedy moments, the first being trying to command a cow to be abducted. Along with other events like swinging people from your abduction ray from the saucer.

The graphics are suitably cartoon-y whilst still holding a slight realism which gives the game an edge. Models are highly detailed and allow the game to flourish as a rich, vibrant environment.

The only problem is a slight tendency to get increasingly more complex, more than what you’d expect it to, but this is only noticeable in hindsight.

Would I recommend this game? Yes. If you own a PS2, you should have this in your collection.

Platform: PS2
Developer: Pandemic
Publisher: THQ
RRP: £29.99



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