ATV Offroad Fury

The one thing with games like this, is a distinct lack of variation. There is always a free-roam mode, always a supercross mode and other waypoint and enduro modes.
So it’s really hard for a game to make itself stand out in this genre.
It needs a special something, something we’ve only seen in one game in the genre.
Does ORF3 have it?
No, I’m afraid it’s only a generic supercross games with quads instead of motorcycles. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad game, on the contrary it’s actually really fun.
And that’s the thing about these games, there’s no immersion, no real-life simulation, but they’re fun.

There are a few fun ideas in the multiplayer section, starting with soccer and basketball modes, which are all fun.

The main single player campaign can be altered in many a way, making it quite expansive while not challenging.
The supercross mode has a weird way of catching up with you, you may win the first few rounds, but after that they’ll leave you in the dirt.

Not a lot of popup, or bugginess on the graphics front allow the game to run quite smoothly when going fast.
However, the actual graphics aren’t going to win a beauty pageant, they look like standard game graphics.

The controls are relatively intuitive and are well spaced out, with the controls used less often near the top of the controller (PS2) and the ones you will be using nearer the bottom.

Personal Opinion
I personally like these games so may be a bit biased towards it. It plays well for what it is, but a lack of different challenge modes and content blight an otherwise fun game.

Platform: PS2
Developer: Climax
Publisher: SouthPeak
RRP: £29.99


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