Black & Decker Alligator Review

The latest innovation in the power-tool arena comes from DIY stalwart Black & Decker with their Alligator chainsaw-inspired loppers. We look at them and see whether they are as fierce as their namesake.

I first got to use these when cutting down larger portions of a tree outside of my own house, and I must say they impressed me immensely.
The job certainly didn’t require petrol chainsaw, but was far too difficult for a pair of normal loppers, so the Alligator got a good run out, and cut down vast portions of branches, roots and even the trunk of a small bush.
It was then very effective in the cutting up of the larger pieces of wood when they needed to be packed into bags for dumping.

One of the things about the unit which is a slight drawback is the fact its mains powered, and so you need an extension cable and it to be plugged in to get any work done. I’d like to see a battery operated unit, but only if it doesn’t add too much more weight to it as the Alligator can be slightly hefty when doing anything at a height.

Overall though, I like this idea and the ways its implemented, and if you have bushes or small trees that need removing or pruning, it is definitely worth a look.

Make: B&D
Model: Alligator
RRP: £100



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