Brian Lara International Cricket

Cricket. Not the most exciting sport in the world, we’ll admit, so we weren’t expecting much when this follow-up to the PS1 game came through the doorWith that introduction, it should come to no surprise that the game actually defied expectations.
Whilst it may take some use to in the bowling department (the range of styles and actual throws is incredible), the batting system is relatively simplistic.
Press the left analog stick in the direction you want the ball to go, get your timing right and you could slog it for 6.
It isn’t as easy as that in most cases, mainly you’ll need to learn where the gaps are in fielding and how you can exploit them, but for the impatient going for 6 is the only way to score.
Graphics wise the game looks pretty good for a sports game, maybe not as much so as some of EA’s offerings, but it serves its purpose and doesn’t annoy or enthrall the player.
The animations are extremely smooth with no jerkiness that you come to expect from a move based game like this.
With ICC backing the game has an ICC World Cup mode where you take a hold of your favorite national team and compete for the crown, a ‘Classic Match’ mode where you play games of the past in brilliant black and white, as well as a variety of other gameplay modes.The player creation tool is brilliant, it gives you the ability to play as yourself for your favored team, making you the star player of the team after some hard work.

This is a good game, but its just that, good. It doesn’t feel special, and it is in a bit of a niche, but for a cricket fan or the casual player theres something for everyone.
Platform: PS2
Developer: Swordfish
Publisher: Codemasters
RRP: £29.99


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