Cold War

We play the newest action-adventure game, Dreamcatcher Game’s; Cold War.

Cold War is a game that follows snapper Matthew Carter on his mission to prevent the threat of a new Cold War, when he’s wrapped up in political intrique whilst trying to get a Pulitzer Prize winning shot.


Drawing on some of the best bits of Splinter Cell, MGS and the legendary Hitman series, the game allows gamers to get their action fix, in this lull period.

Whilst not producing anything amazingly special in the control front, the game really does have its ace up its sleeve with the Assembly Mode.
This essentially gives gamers the ability to construct tools and weapons from random pieces of trash they pick up along the way. This creates a lot more options for the gameplay.

The ability to open doors and switch security cameras off from a remote security terminal does add a little spark to the experience.

The cell-shaded cut scenes create a welcome diversion from some of the samey-samey levels, and really create an atmosphere.

I’ll not lie here, there are some major drawbacks. The AI is quite dumb, there isn’t any real flair in the level design (although the frequent holes in the wall to crawl through do shake it up a bit), and the extreme ability of the Spetznaz soldiers do make some areas quite hard.

There isn’t any multiplayer function, but do you really need it in a game like this? No.

I really like this game, whilst not being really replayable, it has a decent story, and gives you a solid gameplay experience. Making it a sleeper-hit with gamers looking for something a bit different before the next generation gets here.

Platform: Xbox
Developer: Mindware
Publisher: Dreamcatcher
RRP: £29.99



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