Cube World Review

We all have an inner child, so when we got the new Cube World toys to review, the child came out and started marvelling at them. There’s no point in trying to give these a rating, as quite frankly, there isn’t much else in this somewhat niche of a genre, and as toys are dictated by kids and not parents a score is pretty well meaningless.

You get two in a pack, and each pack costs about £20, which seems quite a bit, and if you could buy a single one for a tenner, it would definitely be far too expensive.
However, it may redeem itself in the fact you get given two so you can undertake their main function of operating together and interaction.
The little stick men, once adjoined to another unit using magnets, walk into each others buildings and fight, play, help each other.This is a rather amazing little toy, and is definitely a neat little toy for the playground, as long as you take insurance out on them.


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