Dakar 2006

One of the most taxing motorsport events in the world, ever, is the Dakar, so it’s no wonder it has a major supporter following, so we review the closest many people will get to the event, the official event DVD.

The coverage we get in the DVD is the same as the feed’s the TV companies (like Eurosport etc.) get to provide their live shows, so it is of the highest quality, which is perfect for the armchair enthusiast.


It manages to balance speed with in-depth bits quite well, although it is over very quickly, so can be watched entirely in 1 sitting which might annoy some people.
There is coverage of almost all of the stages, and the commentary keeps us informed with the ins and outs pretty well, although on a few sections I was wondering exactly who was where and what was in fact happening.

It’s a good DVD for those that missed the live action or wish to relive it, but there isn’t a lot more than that. However, the action is fast, and it is beautifully shot, so would be a good present etc…

Published by: Duke
Title: Dakar 2006
RRP: £14.99


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