Everglide Titan Review

Gaming mouse pads have always somewhat baffled me, but after receiving one from 1MoreGame to review, I can see the point.The surface of the Titan feels somewhere between a Speed and Control mat, hopefully trying to combine the best features of both types (Everglide provide the surfaces for the Razer Mantis pads we’ll be reviewing soon), and it feels nice and smooth when brushing the mouse over it.

Utilizing the companies Fibretek technology, the weave in the mat is specially designed to assist a mouse’s journey and this feels like it’s doing a slid job of maintaining a steady mouse pace, you never feel the mouse is lagging or moving too fast, which is a requirement of any PC/online game.
It’s not brash, but its discrete appearance hides the fact it’s a masterpiece of engineering, making it one of the best and easiest to use.
It’s not the biggest gaming mouse pad on the market, but when you are using a high sensitivity gaming mouse, you don’t necessarily need the amount of room of some of the other pads on the market.


This is an impressive pad that boasts all of the features any amateur/casual PC gamer requires, making the £20 price tag seem pretty reasonable.

Cube Turn: 6.2cm
Test to see the distance needed to do a 360 degree turn in the Open Source FPS; Cube.
(Using a Razer Copperhead as test mouse)

Make: Everglide
Model: Titan
RRP: £20
Buy! – From 1MoreGameRating:


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