Murder, mystery, intrigue, 3 words that are used in blurb for almost all action/adventure games released ever. So you may think that Fahrenheit is nothing new, you are sorely mistaken…More widely know around the world as Indigo Prophecy, Fahrenheit is a murder game with a twist; you didn’t want to kill the person, you didn’t even know him.
Something made you do it, and now you have to discover the secret behind it.

We say murder game; however, Fahrenheit is more like an interactive movie. The tutorial level is actually set backstage of the movie, and you learn all your moves on some props in a sound studio. There are also a variety of moments where the characters speak to themselves to fill in some plot holes, very much like movies of today.

The story may be far-fetched, but with the whole feel of the game, it could very well be true. Nothing that we played felt out of place, and most things blended together well.
You play as multiple characters throughout, taking turns to be the murderer, the police, and even younger versions of people as well.

Now, the main thing you’ll notice about the game is the control system.
It is quite simply brilliant once you get used to it, however, it does take a long time to.
The game uses the analogue sticks for decision making processes, which occur everywhere throughout the game. You have to make these decisions in a certain amount of time, but the bar under the options shows how much time you have left.

The graphics are relatively sharp, although most of the time there is some moody lighting effects and it distorts some of the more detailed models.
The characters themselves aren’t amazingly detailed, but when you go to places like Kane’s apartment and see the amount of stunning objects that you can interact with, you can understand why.

Whilst confusing at the start, Fahrenheit redeems itself with originality and the expert control system, making it very much a contender for Game of the Year.

Platform: PS2
Developer: Quantic
Publisher: Atari
RRP: £29.99



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