FIFA 2007

The latest edition in EA’s long running football series is slated to be one of the best football games ever, is it? We find out.

Graphically, the game is as solid as a sports game should really need to get. The player models are all smooth, and from the standard-TV-style camera angle, they could be real people.
The stadia are all very good looking, however, these aren’t as important as they are rarely seen, and this, somewhat ironically, is noticeable.

The fluidity is much more apparent in this version, where the ball will just roll away from you if you aren’t controlling it, and the way the fans react to how the game is going all add the to the immersion factor.
However, one thing I’ve picked up on in this version is the way the commentators keep referring to the game. This takes some of the real world shine off, but not enough to detract from the major experience.

The control system is as good as ever, however, having spent most of the last year on PES5, it took several days before I was comfortable with FIFA setup again.
One thing on the Xbox I noticed was the ease of making the players run. Using the right trigger you can make the player sprint, but using this too often can wear your players out, and over an extended time period you can face serious problems when your whole squad is fatigued.
Interaction throughout the rest of the game is easy and painless, and everything on the menu screen is where you’d hope it would be.

Manager Mode is where you’ll be spending most of your time, playing through the season with your selected club, buying in players and dealing with injuries (which can happen pretty often when playing in the Championship!).
This is actually a very solid mode, and can be played through numerous times to get the full effect of decisions etc…
The Board also plays a role in your day to day work, praising you when you do well, and threatening the sack when times are troubled.

It’s certainly the most enjoyable FIFA in years, and beats PES5, but with PES6 around the corner it could be substituted from the top-position.

Platform: Xbox
Developer: EA Sports
Publisher: EA Sports
RRP: £29.99



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