FIFA World Cup 06

With the world’s biggest football (soccer) tournament just around the corner, there was bound to be a new game based upon it, so we present; EA’s Fifa World Cup. Immediately when you hit the game the colours and the feel of the menu screens fill you with anticipation with what the game will hold, and the occasional showing of the trophy make you want it even more.

To many people this is the closest they will get to playing in the World Cup, so the feel and immersion need to be right, so the gamer will feel like they are in Germany playing.
Luckily the graphics allow this, as they are some of the sharpest I’ve seen in the many a football game from the Fifa series.
Player animations are very smooth, even showing the players checking their stride before they volley, or crane their neck for a header.

The controls feel tight, although Pro Evo fans will have to get used to the change player button being on the D-Pad rather than on the shoulders.
The usual layout is here, and it presents nothing special, but nothing annoying.
Which is expected, as there have been many a game to perfect it.

The main mode is the World Cup, where you can start from the finals, or go through the whole qualification model yourself.
I’d recommend playing from the finals, as the quali’s can become frustrating if you have a good team, they just add too much time.

On the flipside though, some of the cut scenes aren’t that good, as when I won the World Cup with England, and Becks went to lift the trophy, it didn’t render it, and it looked like Mr. Beckham was solely lifting air.
Very frustrating when you’ve spent a few hours getting there, only to not see the cup.

Also, the major drawback is that it’s only an international game.
I’d like to see this as a pay-to-download extra in the next gen, but it’s still a highly enjoyable game, that certainly packs a punch and gets you hyped up to support your country in the forthcoming campaign; Show Your Colours!

Platform: PS2
Developer: EA
Publisher: EA
RRP: £29.99


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