Fli Swat 5 Review

We venture into reviewing one of my personal favourite areas of gadgetry and technology; the aftermarket automotive sector with this new head unit CD player from Fli – the Swat 5.

This audio system was plugged into RandomlyAccessed’s previous project car, and we have to say the sound it produced was staggering. When launched into a system comprising of different branded products it performed much better than the more expensive head unit housed in the DIN slot before it.
In fact the 4x50W output was enough to produce sounds that had even us modified car aficionados impressed, working well in tandem with the subwoofer and amplifier in the boot.


The unit is also something to look at, and being at the cheaper end of the spectrum I was expecting tacky plastic and horrible controls, but was again, impressed.
Although it is definitely nothing special in the looks department, it wouldn’t look out of place in most of the cars that people looking to buy this unit would own, as in your Corsa Bs, Civics, Clios and Meganes.
All the functions worked in the way hoped, and the progressive volume control is very nice on this unit.
That is the thing with this player, it all performs better than you expect for the money. £120 is the kind of money this is retailing for, and it puts to shame some £150-200 units, which is highly commendable.

Like all modern CD players, it connects to your car’s wiring loom via the standard ISO clips, and this makes it a breeze to install once you’ve gotten over the nightmare of removing your previous one and the metal caging encasing it.
It took around half an hour for someone who isn’t really skilled in this area to get it to play and to start playing a CD, which for a DIY job is pretty fair timing.
The face plate is easily removable, which, as with most players, adds the extra security element.

To impress a group of reviewers with a passion for modified cars with a budget head unit is something that can’t be forgotten, it really does stand up to the higher price players, and gives them a run for their money.
The range of connection options including USB and SD card extend the functionality of the unit incredibly, and make it future-proof for some time.
If you’re in the market for a CD Player for your car, we couldn’t recommend it higher, and we just know that Fli is a name not to be taken lightly in this area of car audio.

Make: Fli
Model: Swat 5
RRP: £120



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