Full Spectrum Warrior


You see it everywhere, the glamour of it on TV; the prestige, the suspense, the overriding excitement. This is how the media make out life in the army to be, but as Pandemic’s latest release shows, this isn’t true.The game begins with a gentle introduction into the soldiers you’ll be playing as; with a somewhat ‘unexpected’ plot twist when you’re convoy gets ambushed.
This is where the main difference of the game from others in the market becomes apparent. It isn’t a third-person shooter, it’s an eyelevel RTS.
After a few seconds of panic when the left analogue stick doesn’t move you, the real time strategy style control system starts to get easier to deal with; but with no direct control over your troops, it does leave you prone to being left in the direct line of fire of an enemy.

It is very hard to play if you are used to third-person shooters, and takes a while to get the game.

A bit too hard to get into, but a solid game nonetheless.

Platform: PS2
Developer: Pandemic
Publisher: THQ
RRP: £29.99


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