Heroes of the Pacific


The conflict may have ended 60 years ago, but the younger generations can get a taste for the action that pilots experienced during World War 2.
We look at the latest dog-fight game; Heroes of the Pacific.

The first thing you see of the game is the 1930-40’s poster style design of the menu system. There may be a bit too much colour, and a bit too much going on in them, but they certainly add character to Heroes.

The training levels are relatively straight-forward, and allow you to get straight into the game with handy hints and tips.
These tutorials introduce the control system, which is quite well designed, however, after long periods of play your index and middle fingers on your right hand may hurt due to the distance from the shoot button (R1) to the change target button (X).

The missions are quite standard, and get harder in an almost linear pattern.
However, the main draw of the game is not the single player campaign, but the single player ‘Instant Action’ mode and the multiplayer mode is what you’ll be playing.

We haven’t been able to test the multiplayer mode; however, if its anything like the ‘Instant Action’ mode, it’ll be one of the greatest multiplayer games of all time.
Nothing is more fun than lining up against an almost infinite number of Japan’s finest, and trying to take down as many as possible in the specified time.

This game is a real blast, and you should definitely own it if you like fast-action, all-guns blazing and altogether fun games.
A real contender for Game of the Year.

Platform: PS2
Developer: IR
Publisher: Codemasters
RRP: £29.99



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