Gamers everywhere have waited years for this game, we have a copy of the Xbox version for review to see if it was worth it.

Racing games seem to have moved on since the modding craze that hit during 2003-2004, but there have still been a few releases recently that are trying to break into this heavily populated market dominated by ‘Need For Speed Underground’.
Juiced is the latest challenger to the throne with a great collection of moddable cars and trillions of combinations of performance and style options, so the game seems to be never ending.

The main meat of the game is the story mode, which is commanded by the players mobile phone (you even get to choose which model mobile you want), and it has the generic mix of time trials, races and follow the leader style events.
You are taken under the wing of another racer who lends you a car to make some money to vuy your own, and hes essentially the person who gets you contacts to race. The face of this racer is suprememly modelled, and the voice over is top notch.

There are some other multiplayer and single race modes, and these add the ‘friendly’ aspect to the game with their non-story driven goals and no pink slip racing.

Juiced is also online enabled, however we were unable to test this, so not in a position to review this aspect.
You can essentially race for fun with people around the world, or enter a ‘pink-slips’ race which means if you lose, the winner keeps your car.

After playing games like ‘SRS’ (Review coming soon), which are open-ended, where you an just drive around the city, doing what you feel like.
Juiced just feels a bit too linear, where you can’t just have a bit of fun annoying other road users with a NOS fueled rampage.

Is Juiced a good game? Yes.
Was it worth years of wait? No.

If you’re looking for a solid Xbox racer, this is your game.

Platform: Xbox
Developer: Juice
Publisher: THQ
RRP: £29.99



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