Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes

Epic battles, huge maps, and various playable characters. These are the things most action/RTS games have to have nowadays, so we look at the most recent of these: Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes.

The sequel to a game that passed under our radar last year, Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes seems to be a formulaic hack-n-slash game. However, once you delve into it, it becomes more than that, it becomes a deep involving game that will frustrate you and pleasure you to the point your eyes ache from playing it for so long.

There are a few downers to the game, that’ll have you playing our tried and tested mini-game – “Throw your controller at the floor the hardest”.
Firstly, theres the control system. There isn’t one stand-out bad point to the controls, but it just doesn’t feel natural. The camera does nothing to calm the frustration, and is awfully slow to react, and when it does, you’ve already changed gameplay modes and need a different view entirely.

The other main bad point of the game, is the objectives system. It gives you no pointers as to what you need to do, or where to go, and takes a sharp eye to spot supposed ‘paths’ and the like.

However, what the game lacks in polish, it makes up for in pure fun.
The battles are done on a large scale, with wave after wave of enemies swarming to ‘have-a-go’.

There are a load of missions for you to undertake, and a Live! Mode thrown in for good measure, giving this game a great replayability value.

A simple game at heart with a lot of interesting features make it worth a look.

Platform: Xbox
Developer: Blueside
Publisher: Phantagram
RRP: £29.99



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