LG Chocolate Review

The synonymous fashion phone of recent years is from relative newcomers to the mobile sector; LG in the form of their scrumptiously named Chocolate (or more sedate KG800). We look at it and see whether its touch sensitive buttons are yummy or are sour. 

The phone is finished in a glossy black plastic that is right on the verge between stylish and tacky, and is really up to the individual consumer to decide which side it falls on of this divide.
It is distinct in its lack of soft buttons on the screen sliding part, but the presence of red lights indicate the touch sensitive areas of the phones navigation.

Upon sliding the unit up, it reveals the rather good digital camera on the back, and slightly cramped but usable text/number keys. Doing this also wakes the phone up from its “locked” state as is the case with a number of these slider units.

The menu system of the phone is easily navigated with simple, intuitive folders.
However, the lack of tactile buttons on the unit make this a harder task than it should be, as sometimes the clicks don’t register and require a harder press or two. The lack of feedback these buttons give really is a pain in everyday use, as I personally prefer some feel when undertaking functions, but they are integral to the design of this phone so it would be little problem when the phone is a fashion accessory rather than a well used commodity.

You are also able to plug it into the computer to sync video, pictures and music, and this has proved pretty valuable over the past few months using the phone, with a variety of videos and mp3’s stored on the internal memory this thing sports.

Whilst the speakers on the phone aren’t top notch, the mp3 capabilities are quite good, and allow you to use them as ringtones etc. and I wouldn’t be ashamed to hear my phone ringing with a song from the unit.

The phone aspect is solid, with a good contacts menu, and clear audio for speech. Texting can be a bit annoying on the cramped keypad, but its something that can be learned and worked at.

In all, this isn’t designed to be anything particularly high-tech, but does perform a variety of extra phone tasks admirably.

Make: LG
Model: Chocolate
RRP: From Free



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