Logitech G15 Review

We all have fancy mice, we all have fancy monitors, computers, desks, chairs…..but how many of us have a fancy keyboard? None you say, well, lets introduce our friend, G15.Of course, the main allure of this keyrack is the flip-up LCD monitor that basically monitors everything you could possibly need.
It is extremely useful to know when you’re using full RAM or CPU power, and the volume at which you’re deafening yourself, and it seems the monitor grabs all this info from the system directly, resulting in highly accurate numbers.

Looking at the thing, it is a very beautiful piece of sidekick equipment, lighting the keys up blue (only a slightly darker shade than my Copperhead mouse, but at the touch of a button, the backlight can be turned off).
The volume dial under the monitor is also valuable for those of us without external speakers.
You’ll also be able to spot the banks of self programmable buttons that can perform complex tasks for you.
Need to open up My Computer on the fly? Well, just tell one of the ‘G’ buttons to do it, and it shall be done on a keystroke.
This performs rather nicely, however, remembering what each key does limits the amount you realistically will use these for.

The travel of the keys is just perfect, enabling you to get the maximum speed from your actions, whilst having the control of a solid key beneath you while you do it.

Everything about this board is well thought and laid out, and it just screams functionality as well as style, making it one of the desktop essentials for this gaming season.

Make: Logitech
Model: G15
RRP: £50


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  1. Hey great site, keep up the good work, sam 🙂

  2. Thanks, glad you like it!

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