Logitech Playgear Mod Review

The very stylish new Logitech headphones, designed to accompany your PSP, are reviewed here.The resurgence of ‘over the head’ style headphones over the past year has meant that every company is trying to get their foot in the door, but Logitech’s quirky, behind the head phones are, from a design perspective, quite new.

Whilst not boasting the kind of sound quality, or have the low sound disturbance (the sound other people can hear) that normal buds give us, these are some of the comfiest headphones around.
When you take them off you miss them being snugly behind your head and it feels kind of weird.

The volume needs turning up more than your normal plug-phones as well, but this is acceptable.

Volume Test:
Outside sound audible, music and bass line clear, whereas lyrics are only slightly muffled.

(Volume Test is where we play a current hit at full volume on an iPod Mini and see how much is heard from under a blanket).

In all, I like these headphones, they are chic and are fully good at playing your music and other everyday sounds. So if you are looking for a quirky alternative to the white ones that come as standard, look at these, they’re pretty darn good.

Make: Logitech
Model: Playgear Mod
RRP: £20


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