Micro Machines v4


Codies are going through a slightly retro phase at the moment, what with Sensi and all, so it is with little surprise to you the reader that we present; Micro Machines v4.

The first thing you’ll notice about the new game is the 3D graphics. Although not being the prettiest game to look at, it keeps the originals feel, and somewhat expands on the cartoony nature.
They are good enough to enjoy the game from, without adding or detracting from your enjoyment.

The controls are exceptionally simplified, making driving a doddle, and allowing you to interact with weapons etc with relative ease.

One thing I noticed when playing is the lack of ‘new’ environments. The series stalwarts are there, pool table, kitchen etc but there are only a couple of new ones that I could tell (namely the new model train one, complete with moving carriages that block your way).
Although this is somewhat more of an aesthetics problem, it does feel that there’s less to discover if you have played the older ones.

Mainly though, this game is fun. It doesn’t pretend to be anything more, and doesn’t really have delusions of grandeur, just a solid, modern update of a tried and tested formula.
If you loved the original you’ll like this, and if you haven’t played the old one, don’t worry, its so easy to get into anyone can be a pro.

Platform: PS2
Developer: Codemasters
Publisher: Codemasters
RRP: £29.99



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