Motorola KRZR Review

Whether you love Motorola’s new naming scheme for phones or not is pretty irrelevant, it seems like it’s here to stay, so we catch up with the natural successor to the RAZR, the Moto KRZR. Is it a true sequel, or a cash cow?

First thing you notice about the KRZR is its very narrow stance and rather flashy mirrored front. The blue unit (various other colours look like they are creeping towards release) we reviewed does look very swish, in-keeping with the big M’s fashion phone positioning nowadays.
The front mounted screen is solid, and whilst not being perfect resolution, is still better that the main screens found in phones a few years old.

On opening the dinky little unit, you see the rather large screen in front of you, and Motorola’s metal touch keypad.
I’m afraid to say, that the first little problem with the phone is the keypad, whilst it is a wondrous thing they managed to shave 1cm off of the RAZR’s width for this phone, the buttons have taken a hit. The numerical pad is not horrendous to use, but it tricky for texting, however the major point is with the right-d-pad-button.
It is positioned far too close to the back button, and where they keys are rather small straddling the two can become an all too common occurrence when navigating.
When the phone is on, you are presented with the familiar Motorola UI, which, whilst very intuitive and easy to use, can be an anti-climax if you’ve upgraded from it’s older sibling.The camera on the unit is a relatively standard 2mp pixel affair, solid at it’s phone-cam job, but not a digi-camera replacement.
Playing media on the unit is as simple as selecting it from an easy menu.

Call quality with the phone was more than adequate, with the phonebook being more than accessible, and texting, although slightly tricky on the small keys, was easy from an interface aspect.

Moto’s new fashion unit is definitely a solid phone, but with the similar feature set and styling cues, they are essentially aiming for the same market that the RAZR dominated the year before.
I personally can’t see someone buying a very similar phone the next year because it’s slightly narrower, now if they made the RAZR thinner, that might work…

Make: Motorola
Model: KRZR
RRP: From Free


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