Motorola PEBL Review

A four letter word that doesn’t offend people, this is the new direction for the current generation of Motorola devices, so we look at the stone-looking PEBL. On first inspection this is a truly original looking phone.

The neat clamshell effect is the one defining thing about this phone, and it definitely sets about it’s goal of looking suave, yet intriguing, making you come in for a closer inspection of its outer casing.
When looking, and feeling closer, your fingers are treated to a nice soft-feel case that is very swish, if a little feminine.

Possibly the most attractive thing about this phone though, is the rather funky way you open it. You see, 2 hands are for shmucks, you need a one-handed opening system nowadays, and the one on the PEBL is the best I’ve seen.
You push the top cover down a little and the magnet on the lid unattaches itself, springing the phone open. Pure Genius.
Once the phone is open, you are greeted with the new metal keypad that, although it looks hard to use, is extremely easy in practice, making it one of the best I’ve used for dialling and texting (even though the Moto SMS service isn’t the most intuitive ever used).

 The screen is not the best for viewing pictures, but it is crisp and clear, and serves it’s purpose as the phone is not necessarily built for picture and video taking, with a simple VGA camera on the top section.The menu system used is not the most original; it is essentially the same as every other Motorola released in recent times (bar the higher-end ones), but it is very easy to use and is perfectly intuitive.The signal is very good, experiencing none of the break-up that can be noticed with other phones.A stone is dull, and boring.
The PEBL is definitely not dull or boring on the outside, it looks the part, and it probably the most swish of the recent line of fashion phones, very good looking.
And a very good phone.

Make: Motorola
Model: PEBL
RRP: £170



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