Motorola RIZR Review

We first looked at a slider phone way back last year with the Nokia 6111, and since then the market for these phones has taken off quite considerably. We look at Motorola’s offering and see whether it is as nice as the outside makes you believe.

On first inspection the unit is as sleek and well formed as most of Moto’s recent offerings, with a nice shiny blue case, large screen and a good button layout, and this adds to the fact this phone could be considered a fashion phone, but not necessarily in the same vein as the LG Chocolate etc.

The unit feels solid in the hand, and the sliding mechanism feels firm, yet is relatively easy to operate.
Button wise, Moto really have it covered with their new batch of phones, and I have warmed to it the more phones and longer I use it.

One word of warning, the menu system is no different to the many Moto phones that are currently in circulation so if you’re looking for something fresh on that perspective, I’d look at something else.
This phone was originally toted as a music phone, but I found the music system on the unit to be a bit clumsy and a bit difficult to use.
Although this phones strong point is not the music, and quite why it was hinted at it being that I have no idea.
The camera and large screen are more appealing to me, and both are really good on a phone of this type.
The shooter gave some pretty impressive images, and the screen displaying them with really good clarity and colours.

As a phone it performs solidly, but then again, most phones nowadays do and most issues are carrier end. Texting and calling are all pretty easy, and are seen off with minimal fuss.

Despite its shortcomings I do like this phone and would consider using it in an everyday capacity because of the look of the unit, and the camera options.

Make: Motorola
Model: RIZR
RRP: From Free



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