Nokia 6111 Review

These new sliding phones are the new in thing at the moment, so when we got the chance to review the new Nokia one, we jumped at it, so here is, the 6111.

The first thing you notice about this phone is its dinky size. When in its closed form is fits in almost any pocket, however it may be a little small for any extended use when closed.
In its open position, it boasts a keyboard that is small, yet fully accessible, as the screen moves up more than the other slide phones out there, and this is perfect for surfing WAP or sending a long-ish text.

  The 6111 comes equipped with a 1 mega pixel camera, which can be operated by the side cam button.
There are a wealth of other features you can use, like Night shot and also a video camera, which give it a lot more functionality.
The quality of the images isn’t the best from cameras we’ve seen, but from a phone this small it’s actually quite impressive.
With the movies files weighing in at 3 minutes long, with lesser quality than the still camera, but with decent sound.
Another great use for the main navigation button is the control of the games the phone supports, the best of which cam pre-installed which was Rally 3D, an immense experience when out and about, with graphics that could be taken straight from the N-Gage. The review unit also came with a golf game and a solitaire game, which are both highly addictive, and are tailored to the phones keypad layout and design.However, all we’ve done so far is tell you about the extra functions, this is a phone after all, and we’re very impressed with the quality and the way to change options.
You receive calls by opening the phone, and when you put it to your hear, the quality is pretty good, there was some break up in places where we hadn’t experienced any with other phones, but again, you’ve got to put it into perspective with its size.
This is more of a fashion phone, as it’s small, does a lot of functions and has the obligatory Bluetooth, but there are some trade-offs.
You compromise some quality on some of the features, but to be honest, most people who’ll buy one will carry around the other devices for the tasks, and it does look very smart.
At the end of the day, it does everything a modern phone should and combines it all in a nice looking package.
If you’re looking for a slightly quirky alternative to the uber-cool V3, look at the 6111, you won’t be disappointed.
Make: Nokia
Model: 6111
RRP: £199


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