Outlaw Tennis

Punk attitude. Not generally something we’d associate with tennis we’ll admit, but mixing the two does make a classic game experienceWatching the sport can sometimes be a bit dull, but recent tennis titles like Virtua and Top Spin have revolutionized the genre for modern gamers.
Whilst the other two have gone to capture ‘reality’ tennis, Outlaw has gone down the fun route, letting you play as huge bikers right down to scantily clad strippers.

There is a wealth of unlockable customization options within the game, with the likes of bandannas and bikinis to personalize your player. To unlock these you have to take part in a variety of matches and in game goals which appear challenging yet can be polished off in a couple of hours play.

There are also a wide variety of game modes to play through, from the standard tennis to a American football esque one where you move forward by scoring. Most, if not all are single player and multiplayer, so great extended play.
There is one mode you need to watch out for though, and that is ‘Hot Potato’. This is where a heat timer clocks up and when it reaches a certain height the ball explodes and whatever side its on will lose the point. It shifts the gameplay mechanic, but not forward in this reviewers opinion.<br.
The graphics look sharp for a sports game and feel crisp and fit in with the style of the game well.

The cut-scenes look in-game so are quick to load but not extremely polished.

If you’re in the market for a tennis game, and don’t really care about having real players, give Outlaw Tennis a go, you shouldn’t regret it.

Platform: Xbox
Developer: Hypnotix
Publisher: Global
RRP: £29.99


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