Outlaw Volleyball: Remixed


There aren’t many games in this niche genre, but the ones there are are extremely close in quality. We look at the latest contender to the throne; Outlaw Volleyball: Remixed.When you think of volleyball games, people tend to think of scantily clad females jumping up and down alot, and sure this game has those, yet it also contains huge hulking biker types and suave Latino’s to play as.
There are also a wealth of personalization features for each, mainly being in the form of clothes.

The gameplay is much the same as the previous game, relatively hard to get into, but once you get into a flow it becomes easier.
As with all ‘Outlaw’ games, there are a number of whacky gameplay modes to keep you busy (Including the series stalwart, ‘Hot Potato’ where the ball explodes after a time limit and whichever side it blows up on loses a point.

There doesn’t appear to be any outstanding moment in the game, but a lot of solid gameplay and a casual gamer based story mode make Outlaw Volleyball remixed a solid ‘Pick-up-and-play’ game.

It also encompasses a solid multiplayer mode for extended playability.

If you’re in the market for a easy to play sports title, I’d reccommend ‘Outlaw Tennis’, but if you prefer volleyball or alread have said game, you should deffinately give this the once over.

Platform: PS2
Developer: Hypnotix
Publisher: Global
RRP: £29.99


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