Ping Rapture Review

The club that everyone has been talking about. The higher of Ping’s improver irons has caused quite a buzz around some parts and we, of course, are some of the first online reviewers to get our mits on them.

Read on for our exclusive take on these clubs from 3 different levels of player.


Low Handicapper
These clubs are some of the best I’ve ever played with, the a great feeling off the face of the club.
They feel comfortable in the hands, and whilst I was expecting them to be top-heavy, the graphite shaft is weighted in such a way as to make them balanced.
The best of the bunch is the hybrid unit, with a slightly curved design; it hits the balls that the higher irons would be struggling with, and sits nicely behind the ball.Great feel and distance, some of these will definitely be added to my bag.

High Handicapper
Great feel off of the green stuff, the slightly bulging cavity seems to give the ball a bit more feel and control than other non-blade offerings, and this was consistent throughout my time with the clubs.

The aesthetics really get the clubs the attention they deserve, their standout looks is only matched by their standout performance.

From the design of the clubs you’d expect them to be like the TaylorMade CGB’s and have a lot of weight in the head; however, on actually playing with these you’ll notice how the head is nowhere near as meaty as they look. This gives you that oversized confidence with a full cavity club.

The hybrid model was certainly my personal favourite, feeling lighter, but also stronger than my current one, making the tall irons almost obsolete.

Expensive set for a beginner, but they feel just right and look the business, which is really what counts at my level.

Make: Ping
Model: Rapture
Shaft: Graphite

RRP: £659


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