Ping Tour Staff Bag Review

When you’re out on the course, walking, you normally need something small and light to lug your Mashies and Niblicks about, but when in a cart or testing your club selection at the range, you need a bag that can hold everything you require for a day of play. That’s where the behemoth that is the Tour Staff Bag comes in.

The opulence of this bag leaves nothing to be desired, finished in trademark Ping white and blue, with black suede-like club dividers (9 separate sections), and large pockets that I’m sure you’d be able to hide a family of immigrants in.
There are eight of these pockets dotted around the bag, each of varying sizes and depths that lend themselves to individual tasks, like ball and scorecard holding to wet and dry weather gear storage everything has a place.

The strap is somewhat of a novelty feature, as no one except a tour level caddy will actually carry this thing around without doing themselves an injury when filled with clubs, whilst the strap is actually up to the job of carrying the unit safely.
Carrying wise, the large rubberised handle situated under the strap is the most likely method of transportation before placing on a cart, and feels solid and secure.

It is an expensive unit though; however, this is offset with the more than amateur status of the bag, and you certainly get a lot for your money.

I love this bag, and use it as storage for all of the review clubs that pass through the office, and it is certainly useful if you have a growing collection, but don’t want to get rid of those older clubs.

Make: Ping
Model: Tour Staff Bag
RRP: £250



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