Project Zero 3


Intense. Not a word you hear a lot on RA, but you will in this review, we look at Tecmo’s latest offering in the form of ‘Project Zero 3: The Tormented’.

The main character is a young girl who is consumed with guilt after causing the death of her fiancé in a car crash. Not the most obvious plotline for a horror game we’ve seen, but we’ll go along with it.

At the start of the game we can see that they’ve pulled all the stops in the graphics department, the FMV sequences look some of the best we’ve seen on the PS2 (not as good as the FFIV ones, but good nonetheless).
The graphical prowess is also seen in the object design. Whilst the players are nothing special to look at, the everyday objects seen around the levels are really detailed, far more than they need to be in all reality.

The camera is one of the main features of the game, especially as it’s the only way to attack the ghosts that attack you every so often.
You collect extra attachments, like special lenses that deal a lot more damage, and you are able to develop some of the films in the camera.
This adds more depth and purpose to a game which is lacking in direction. There doesn’t appear to be any level objectives, just an overall game objective.
This is more annoying at the start of the game, as the story doesn’t seem to make any sense until about an hour in.

Because of the weird camera angles the movement controls can become a little weird when it inverts, however, after about 10 mins of play, this isn’t an issue.

The levels feel enclosed, but you also get a sense of expansiveness, allowing you to get lost in an old manor or to explore every inch of the main character, Rei’s, house.

The game looks and feels Japanese-y, with that look to it.
FMV sequences are something special and come up at quite regular intervals.

The game lacks direction and makes the player feel lost at most places throughout the experience.
Controls feel fine, and are all well spaced on the controller, and the menus are relatively intuitive.

Personal Opinion
I’m not normally one for these suspense, action thriller games, but this was just the kind of introduction to the genre most RPG/action gamers will appreciate.

Platform: PS2
Developer: Tecmo
Publisher: Take-Two
RRP: £29.99



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