The film has Jeremy Clarkson in it, it must be good, therefore we felt an urge to play the game, and you know what, it makes you think…You start the game undertaking a race, which when the story continues, appears to be a dream. It is an extremely easy entry to the game, and very easy to win, although this is in line with the childish nature of the game.

The controls also toe this line, with a very simplistic system, and robust controls for carrying out the more complex actions in the game (you can tilt the car and pull off power slides with the shoulder buttons).
The acceleration and braking doesn’t tally up (extremely quick to break, and very quick to accelerate), makes the game feel cartoon-y like its film namesake.

Graphically the game is solid, no ground-breaking looks here, but the models hold their own and are pretty swish, not detracting from the experience, albeit not really adding to it in any other form than the comedy factor.

The city is open-ended, allowing you to drive for ages around all dirt country roads etc. and participate in selected mini-games.
Mission-wise, the game is pretty easy, and is actually quite fun in more of the comedic sense than the gaming sense, but it made me laugh on several occasions (like smashing into other cars and hear them moan and groan).

Nothing necessarily special, it is a solid film-license game that should be great for the kids, or a quick rental for the racing. Good, but not great.

Platform: PS2
Developer: Rainbow Studios
Publisher: THQ
RRP: £29.99


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