Razer Copperhead Review

Razer precision. Razer-sharp looks. Razer-blue neon’s. We look at the Razer Copperhead.Gaming mice are a rare breed. They don’t seem to have been accepted by the mainstream stores, and can really only be found in numbers in the murky world of cyberspace, but one mouse makes looking through this world well worthwhile, this is of course, the Razer Copperhead.


The immensely light and nimble RC is one of those mice that feel right when being used, other than the neon glow it emits when on, you barely feel it. No resistance from the table/mat, no real weight to it, and a razor sharp laser that runs at 2000 DPI, almost 5 times that of standard mice.It plays any game superbly, with pin-point precision and high accuracy expected and demanded from the world’s pro gamers, of which the Razer brand is a major supporter. This work with the world class gamers, have allowed them to produce this mouse that exceeds what any other mouse I’ve ever used can do.It is so impressive; it is now being used as our official test mouse, and should be the first component to make it to the Review Rig when it finally begins construction.


If you are looking for a mouse, look no further, this one is for you. If you aren’t looking for one, I’d seriously consider upgrading to this nonetheless, because if you like games, you need a mouse like this.

Make: Razer
Model: Copperhead
RRP: £60


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