Razer Krait Review

If you read RA regularly, you’ll know I fell in love with the Razer Copperhead, but now the younger brother is here to try and take it’s crown, introducing; the Razer Krait.To start with, it is a relatively small mouse, barely encompassing my hand, and only just long enough to accommodate my index finger on the left button.
It’s small factor feels extremely weird after playing with a mouse like the Copperhead for so long, as it doesn’t feel right.

The distinctive orange glow it emanates is a little more full-on, and can often distract you from the gaming in low light situations.It’s light and extremely easy to use with the sensitivity on a similar basis to its older brother, whizzing across the screen in a matter of centimetres.

For gaming it is perfectly adequate, albeit not exciting or anything special, playing how you’d expect it to play, rather than surprising you with and new tricks or features.


It’s lower price will appeal to the more budget games (around £25), but my recommendation is if you have the money, get it’s bigger sibling, the Copperhead, you won’t regret it.

Make: Razer
Model: Krait
RRP: £25


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