Razer Mantis Range Review

Razer are at the forefront of new gaming technology, and we have two of their pro mats here to review, introducing the Razer Mantis Speed and Control mats.

Hit the read link to read all about the two superb gaming pads from one of the world’s best peripheral makers.


This is my preferred mat of the two. It has an excellent playing surface, one of the best and most comfortable surfaces to play on, being non-slip but immensely responsive at the same time.

It is decked out with the companies snake motif and is hugely colourful, as well as being huge. The size is the major thing about this mat; it’s perfect for the avid FPS player and those with less responsive mice.

Cube Turn: 4.6cm
Test to see the distance needed to do a 360 degree turn in the Open Source FPS; Cube. (Using a Razer Copperhead as test mouse)


Whilst being my least favourite of the two, the control mat is still surprisingly good at what it’s designed to do, to be a control pad, allowing an ultra-sensitive mouse only use several centimetres in the centre. Making the huge size somewhat baffling, however, it is good for what it does.

It is coated in a series of dimples which give the mouse its extra responsiveness, but it doesn’t feel quite as easy to use as the Speed pad (since I personally prefer a nice smooth pad).

Cube Turn: 3.9cm


In all, I really like these mats, and the £20 price tag makes them a real bargain, if you are looking for a pad, then the Mantis range is for you, but I’d have to recommend the Speed over the Control as it’s just easier to work with.

Make: Razer
Model: Mantis Speed/Control
RRP: £20




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