Razer Pro|Click Review

Razer is renowned for its gaming mice, and we at RA love ‘em for it, but can it’s professional Pro|Click mouse overthrow the dominant Copperhead?

Aesthetically, the Pro|Click is a little flatter than the Copperhead, with a lower centre of gravity for a better responsiveness off the mat.
The white look is also pleasing, however, it does seem to dull out the blue glow from the side areas a lot more than the bigger sibling.

It sports a 1600dpi engine within its slender frame, enabling you to perform expert turns and headshots with precision. I managed to rack up my biggest kill count ever in Cube with this mouse, making it a sure fire winner for fans of the FPS genre (although that personally doesn’t include me).For general use about the desktop, it functions perfectly well, although the extra responsiveness tends to put outsiders off from using it (perhaps a good thing – Ed), and can catch novices out in the early stages of use.
However, the ‘Pro’ nature of the mouse should really indicate it isn’t for the newbies to the gaming peripherals arena.

I love this mouse, and it is a worthy contender to the Copperhead’s crown, it only really comes down to the looks and feel, and they are both good for different uses.
I think I’ll be alternating, but if hardcore gaming is your shebang, the Pro|Click would be a worthy compatriot.
Make: Razer Pro
Model: Pro|Click
RRP: £50


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