Renegade Riders

Bike magazines, do you ever wonder what happens after that cover shot has been taken in that exotic location? Well, here we have the DVD that reveals all; introducing The Renegade Riders.

The crazy antics that are undertaken by the men behind the pictures are all shown, in graphic, on-board detail in this DVD.
Quality wise, the footage isn’t the greatest as its all pinhole cameras on the bike, although this does show off the stunts (e.g. wheelies, crashes etc…).

The DVD is rather quite long, and there is a lot of ‘spare’ video, especially on one section before it shows a highside, there is almost 10 minutes that builds up to a rather unspectacular crash.

It only compounds the fact that bike riders are complete psychos, but it is highly enjoyable and is something any enthusiast would love.

Published by: Duke
Title: The Renegade Riders
RRP: £14.99



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