Samsung LE40N73 TV Review

With the glut of new technologies being released into the entertainment sector over the past few years it wouldn’t be long before the humble TV took advantage of these and became the dominant feature of the living room once more. Enter the LE40N73 from Samsung, and all singing, all dancing HDTV with some serious screen inches to boot. 

When the TV arrived on my doorstep I was somewhat overwhelmed at its size. Seeing these large screened units in the store is one thing, but having one making its way down your very narrow hallway is quite another, and it became very apparent that it might not fit within the living room (shame then that the only place this 40” behemoth would fit was by bedroom!).
The size of the unit is only a problem when you’re in close proximity, within about 6 or 7 feet of the screen can rapidly make your eyes tired, but this will be the same for all TV’s this size.

The unit is relatively heavy, and is defiantly a 2 man job with carrying and placement (you might want to consider this anyway, as the TV isn’t a cheap item and would be heartbreaking to drop).

Once the TV is all placed and plugged in, it can be switched on using the rather swish remote provided, and tuned in to the relevant TV stations. It comes with a built in Freeview tuner, but being in an area that is having signal issues is a problem and so it’s nigh on impossible to get a fixed picture for a review reference.
On this subject, it has a standard coax input for aerial reception which makes it handy for both external and portable aerial equipment. It also supports the new standard; HDMI on the rear of the unit, but if you’re placing it against the wall, I strongly advise to plug them in before positioning the unit, which although it has a rotating base to make connecting and screen viewing easier, is not something you want to be moving all of the time.

One of the most handy connection options it provides is the Red/Yellow/White connectors that it houses in the side of the unit which allows you to plug in a variety of games consoles, video cameras and other such devices for playback on the glorious screen.
The image this provides is superb, although if you have signal problems this is somewhat exemplified by the general distortion in standard-definition programming these HDTV’s suffer, and this unit is not one of the best at handling SDTV imaging.

Sound wise, the TV does fall down slightly, it is not as clear as the sleekness of the TV would have you hoping it would be, so I’d be tempted to incorporate it into a home cinema set-up with a decent speaker set, but it is by no means terrible and if funds do not allow new speakers it wouldn’t spoil the viewing experience.

The TV sports a fancy “Game Mode”, which changes certain things like frame-rate and the brightness of the screen for when you are playing on a games console. Although this mode might be good for more intense playing experiences, for more sporty and fast paced games I left it in regular TV mode as this seemed to be easier to play at.

The unit is very impressive, and with online prices starting at about £700, is definitely worth a buy if you’re in the market for a HDTV with plenty of connection options and a large screen.

Make: Samsung
Model: LE40N73
RRP: £900



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  1. thank you for this rewiev, now i know

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