Sensible Soccer 2006


The game that defined a childhood (well, mine), has been welcomed back onto home consoles, so we had to get our hands on a copy to see whether it lives upto its prestigious namesake.Graphically, the game couldn’t look more Sensi-like if you tried, it is what I’d have expected a 3D Sensible Soccer to look, had we been used to 3D design all those years back when the original ruled the land on the SNES.
The menu screens look extremely retro, and the actual gameplay area looks very swish for both new players and old nostalgic-s like me.

The no commentary rule feels rather weird after games like PES5 and FIFAWC recently, and getting back used to no Motson or whatever harping on about great shots or some nonsense takes a while, but is great.

That’s where we must break this review into two I’m afraid, there are different perspectives the gameplay must be viewed from to give it a fair chance.

Seasoned Pros
Now, for those of us that used to enjoy a good game where the only real objective was ‘how many goals can I score in 5 minutes’ will be somewhat disappointed with the way this game plays.

The physics are still rule-bending, but nowhere near as much as they used to, and having to aim a shot kind of rules out any half-way line goals like the good old days.

The ref makes far too many interventions, and I barely remember getting any yellows in a game, where now you can be reduced to minimum plays for purely simple Sensi tackles.

After becoming slightly frustrated with the way it played, I decided to leave it for a while, and come back with a fresh face, and not make backwards comparisons.

New Players
The fast-pace of the game makes for some exciting matches, with the convention-defying physics a treat to try and score from outside the box.
There is less involvement from the referee than most other football games, and this allows the game to flow a lot better than the more realistic ones.

In all, this game is a treat for those not experienced in the ways of the Sensi, but for those that are, it can become frustrating all too easily.

Platform: PS2
Developer: Codemasters
Publisher: Codemasters
RRP: £29.99


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