SlickSteel Pro Review

Now, it’s not often we get to see metal plates sitting on our desk here in RA Towers, but today is an exception, we have the shiny metal; SteelPad.Firstly, you cannot fault the styling, having a mouse pad that can double up as a fancy, minimalist placemat is a great thing, and the brushed steel is truly superb.
The imprinted logo and name are stylish rather than tacky, and add to the chic rather than detract.

Being metal the mouse can glide across it with minimal fuss, making simple tasks a breeze, and when combined with a high-end mouse like the Copperhead, it’s a delight to move around.

You might have to get used to the slight scratching noise when moving the mouse around, as when you first start using it, it send shivers down your spine, but as it’s only designed to be used with laser mice, the noise it minimal.

Fingerprints really do make a difference though, and it can make it look seriously dirty, but a quick clean and buff, gets it shining again.

In all this is a great mouse pad for style (it’s a tad on the small side for gaming), and would certainly suit any office or fancy desk.

Make: Slicksteel
Model: SteelPad Pro
RRP: £20


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