Sony Ericsson K510i Review

We do like a nice low-end candy-bar-phone around here, and what with Sony Ericsson releasing the K510i, we decided to give it a whirl.

The first thing you’ll notice about the phone is the rather predominant 1.3MP camera on the back, making a feature of itself in its circular motif. It also sports a side button for camera operation; however, this is unfortunately placed because when you hold the phone, your remaining fingers cover the lens. Meaning your hands have to stay in a contorted position for longer than appreciated.

It loads up in super-quick time using the button on the top of the unit, and greets you with a rather plain desktop.
This however, is counter-acted by the rather colourful and vibrant menu system that is super-quick to navigate around using the rather clunky directional pad.
Most of the options this menu throws up are the usual suspects; you have your camera, contacts, messages etc, as well as some rather weird ones, like a News Reader and a FaceWarp software which allows you to take a picture of someone and it deforms it slightly. The unit is also quite small in the hands, leading me to believe this phone is really aimed at the younger market, with the average camera/videocam and fun applications.

On the phone side, it functions like any standard phone with a decent sound quality and decent speakers for the ringtones and music playing duties.

In all it’s a solid phone that wouldn’t feel out of place in a young teen’s pocket, but the small screen size kind of ruins the effect of the 1.3MP camera that gives the phone it’s promise.
Still, the market’s looking up, and it’s another good low-end candy-bar for you to make your selection from.

Make: SE
Model: K510i
RRP: £150


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