Sony Ericsson M600i Review

We all love smart-phones, they allow us to do much more than make calls and fire off the occasional SMS, and we have got the new M600i to play around with…

Aesthetically, it looks like a generic PDA-type device, which sports a nice matt black design with SE logo sunken into the rear of the device (where you might’ve expected a camera to be).
Upon firing up this rather flat but rectangular phone, you notice it takes rather a while to get into it, however as most people leave their phones on all day rather than on/off all the time, this can be forgiven.
You get an option screen mid-loading asking whether you want the full phone on, or rather the Flight Mode option (whereby the radio part is switched off, allowing you to use the office functions). This can be a tad annoying if you happen to forget it’s there, leaving your phone useless until you look at it again, but this has only happened to me once in my time using it.

 Once in, you’re greeted by the slick desktop and chic UI that we come to expect from a business/prosumer phone, which is slightly slower than some of the other phones we’ve been looking at, but certainly not enough to put you off the experience.
The stylus is your mode of transport here, and with most touch screen devices you do have to be relatively firm on your poking to make it work, this, thankfully enough, is nowhere near as bad is it could be and is a delight compared to other such devices.
In the menu there are a wealth of options to choose from, but the one that caught my eye from minute one was the Office section, the phone sports a Quickoffice suite, allowing you to created Word and Excel documents on the fly using the rather spectacular QWERTY keyboard the phone is laden with (the letters are on rockers, so you get 2 full keys per single button).
This is easily one of the major benefits here, not only for document creation, but for catching up on that news brief or minutes on the way to a meeting etc.
For the more consumer orientated of us, the phone also has a rather special graphical prowess when it comes to gaming, and the review phone came with the Vijay Singh golf game.
And wow. It quite simply blew me away the punch this little unit packs, and I spent hours perfecting my S-w-ingh (see what I did there?) and technique.

More importantly though (this being a phone and all) the sound quality is superb, none of the break-up some of the smaller phones have given me in recent times.

There are a couple of gripes I have, more for features that it should have rather than something it does badly.
It really should have Wi-Fi. GPRS and the Bluetooth are good enough, but when you’re looking at a phone that could effectively save a laptop or UMPC purchase you really need to be able to browse the real web in Starbucks or on a WLAN.
Also, a camera could be nice. It has a huge screen, brilliant graphical capabilities, and M2 expansion slot, so even a VGA unit would have given us the option, and I do miss being able to take a crafty shot of something I need to remember or of a funny moment.

That said, this phone does nearly everything it is supposed to do superbly, but a few more things on the spec list next time will make this more of an essential.

Make: SE
Model: M600i
RRP: £340



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