Tak 2


In an age of super-realistic, violent video games, Tak 2 rejects the trend and adds a new idea to the aging platform genre.

The main game is split between the real world and the dream world. In the so-called ‘real’ world, there are the same linear primary-coloured levels as in any other platformer.
Whereas the ‘dream’ world is made up of floating islands that you have to navigate, unlocking the next island by destroying the enemies. This adds a strange twist to the game, by breaking up the storyline and providing a change in pace.

However, as this game is a platformer and is then aimed at the children’s market, some of the levels within the game may seem challenging to the key demographic.
This throws up some unwelcome challenges that could leave the player stumped at how to accomplish them.

This isn’t aided by the sometimes clumsy control system, using the shoulder buttons for some of the key moves. These should really have been moved to a more useful place on the control face.

Tak 2 puts forwards a lot of ideas, but fails to achieve some of them by lacking the polish.

Platform: PS2
Developer: Avalanche
Publisher: THQ
RRP: £29.99



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