TaylorMade r7 CGB Review

New supreme clubs for the beginner/established from the masters of golf-clubbery at Taylor Made. 

Make sure you read on for our review, comprising opinions from all types of players on these Center of Gravity Back clubs…


Low Handicapper (5)The overall feel of the clubs was one of slight top heaviness, making it relatively difficult to get a controlling feel from the club itself, however, the graphite shaft and lower centre of gravity allowed for a much faster downswing so that when a good shot was hit, it flew miles, but the inconsistency from the head weight made it difficult to predict.
I’d imagine that the steel shafted version would be easier to play with for players of my level, but the increased head speed would be beneficial to players who are mid-high handicapping.

High Handicapper (28+)

Being a high handicap player (28+), the thought of holding a top brand club (all the clubs in this category in the local sports stores are padlocked, so I’ve never held such up-market beasts), was an exciting prospect.

And Wow! What a feel; these were some seriously engineered piece of kit.
Not being used to graphite shafts, (my own clubs are a starter set from a high street sports shop, costing less than the bag they’re carried in), the club felt very head heavy, promising serious swing speed.
In fact, the first ball hit flew off the head like a rocket and hit the 200 yard mark with the 4 iron, and although I struggled with direction (not yet being a consistent hitter) the distance achieved with each club was fantastic.

In conclusion, they sport serious head speed, good feel off the club-face and comfy grip. However, for someone starting out, they could be difficult to control.


There was a lot of hype surrounding these clubs in the golfing media, so I was eager to try them out on the course and range.
I was able to generate good ball speed off the face, however, due to the lower centre of gravity they were harder to control over normal balanced steel ones.

The 9 iron was probably the best of the bunch, mainly because there wasn’t a major loss of control, but the increased head speed allowed me to generate a longer shot that was as accurate as usual (being a 6 year beginner, my short game is my best).

There wasn’t any shake in the club as per some graphite units, and they feel nice and solid in the hands.

In all, these are some pretty decent clubs, whilst you miss a bit of accuracy; there is a decent upsurge of distance with these.

Make: TaylorMade
Model: r7 CGB MAX
Shaft: Graphite RRP: £750


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