TaylorMade TP Balls Review

TM’s brand new balls reviewed, and there are differences between the Red and Black, and not just in the colours…

The new TP Red and Blacks have been hyped till the hilt by the golfing press since they were announced, and we’ve had our grubby mitts on them for a few months and have been bandying them round RA Towers to see what people think of them.

The overall consensus was that the Red (or Tour ball) was the better one, with a softer feel around the greens, and a decent amount of spin off the short ones.
Even though it was soft, it never felt too soft, and gave the confidence of being a strong shot when hit.

On the Black (the more beginner ball) front, there was slightly less feel when the putter was in use, but it held its own on the longer shots.
Still a competent ball, just perhaps not as good as the Reds in handling the demands of an 18-holer.

In all, the guys were very impressed with both of these balls, and several have even said they’d consider changing their own brands to the TM’s. And if a ball can make keen golfers change their ball, it must be doing something right.

Make: TaylorMade
Model: TP Red + Black
RRP: £35 (dozen)



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