Tefal Soho Review

We like cooking here, I’m also quite good at it, so we managed to get the latest pans series from cooking legends Tefal, the Soho range.

As with all pans from Tefal they sport the infamous Thermospot technology, supposedly telling you when it’s good to cook, however, for most uses I have never used this to instruct me when to cook, so it’s slightly wasted on me personally, however you might be able to use it.

They are pretty heavy units, but the 18/10 gauge steel heats up extremely fast, and allows for cooking within seconds of putting it on the (ceramic) hob.
The handles are rubberized and don’t get hot at all during cooking, with the lid handles being especially good to save from burning when the lid is picked up.

It also sports an extremely efficient non-stick system that allows for quick cleaning (although they are also dishwasher-safe), and means you won’t get those beans stuck to the bottom.

The 2.2 litre pan is a good unit, with a base that can fit on the smaller rings, but angled sides allow a greater capacity. It also has an etched measuring guide inside which is especially useful. My favourite of the bunch is the 26cm Sautee Pan, because of it’s usefulness in cooking one-pot family meals like curries and bolognaise.

In all, this is a range of pans that your kitchen would feel it deserved. Perfectly weighted, amazingly easy to clean and great for cooking, brilliant.

Make: Tefal
Model: Soho
RRP: £25-60



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