The Da Vinci Code


Quite literally bigger than the bible, the Da Vinci Code jugger-naught has stumbled across the gaming genre with this RPG Action adventure game from the guys at 2K.

I must admit at the outset, I have neither read the book nor seen the film, so my supposition that the game follows both is somewhat unfounded.
However, I do recognise the Tom Hanks character from the in game model.
That’s one point about this game, it looks good. It isn’t anything ground-breaking, but on the current crop of home consoles we couldn’t be expecting anything too special this close to switch-over point, but it does look pretty for a PS2 game.
The animation and the movement is fluid, and makes it feel more realistic.

The voice acting is spot on, lip-syncing seems to be perfect. One thing you’ll be wondering is whether it is actually Tom Hanks doing his characters voice, it sounds just a little different.
You get to play as both the main characters from the film, depending on the situation.

Something you’ll get to realise pretty early on, is that the combat controls leave a lot to be desired, making the simplest of fights extremely hard to undertake, however, it’s more about the adventure side, so this could be pushed to a lower level of annoyance.

I must however come to the conclusion that to get the most from it, you’d need to have seen/read one of the previous Da Vinci versions, so it’s a must for Dan Brown-ites, whereas the rest of us could enjoy it for a spell, but some of the little niggles could leave us out cold.

Platform: PS2
Developer: The
Publisher: 2K
RRP: £29.99



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