The Godfather

Now we could quite easily fill this review with cheap ‘make you an offer you can’t refuse jokes’, but the easy option is something we don’t like taking, so without further ado we present, The Godfather.

There have been many arguments in the industry about whether this is in fact a decent free-roaming adventure. Some say not, they’re entitled to their opinions, but we think they’re wrong.
You see, this could quite easily have been the 1930’s GTA we were all expecting last time around, it has everything that you need in a game like this, huge maps, no loading screens, and most of all; random violence.

Obviously the game is centred on the characters from the legendary film, but the plot line is somewhat different. We can’t go into and real detail on this, as it will ruin the experience, but the storyline has many a twist and turn ready for you to gasp at.
But what if you don’t like doing the large, albeit slightly linear missions (you get more freedom in how you undertake them later on in the game, but near the start, they are fairly straight)?
Well, you drive around town taking over rival families businesses, or go rob a bank, or go on a murderous killing spree. The choice is up to you, but we suggest sticking with the missions, as the game is essentially a story driven affair.

One of these missions is re-enacting the classic horse head in a bed part of the film, something which brings a smile to any of the films fans.

The controls on the Xbox feel very similar to other free-roaming games, and the bare-handed fight model seems to have been nicked straight out of Fight Night.
However, I wouldn’t like to try playing this game on the PC, I’d imagine it would be horrendous to control (however this is based on opinion, not actually playing a PC version).

Graphically the game is solid, sporting better-than-GTA models and textures, whilst not ground-breaking; they are pretty impressive for a game of this scale.

The process of taking over businesses is genius. You wipe out the enemy family members guarding the shop, and then proceed to extort the shopkeeper by finding their weak spot and exploiting it.
After taking your cut from the business, you are then able to take over a ‘back-room’ racket, where opposing family members run illegal operations. You can take over these and get even more weekly cash from the same shop.

The weapons in the game are rather limited (mind you, it was only the 30’s, there weren’t too many types of guns), however, the rival family members always have a large amount of ammo for you to collect, and some of the safe-houses in the game stock the ammo aswell, so you will never really be in short supply.

Vehicle wise, there are only around 5 types of car and most are rather slow, which is in keeping with the 30’s feel, but can make the driving sections a little dull.
This makes the map feel even bigger, taking an age to get from one end of the map to the other.
Frustrating as this may be, there are plenty of side missions and businesses to do over along the way, and as long as you aren’t on a mission, and aren’t strapped for time, is an immensely fun way of balancing the game.

In all, The Godfather is one of the more impressive console games we’ve played in recent times, certainly deserves your respect.
Not necessarily a game for the family, and there’s nothing more important to a man than family, is there? Well, there’s this game for a start….

Platform: Xbox
Developer: EA
Publisher: EA
RRP: £34.99



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