Toca 3

Driving games are among the favourites here at GH Towers, and the Toca series is one of the reasons the genre is where it is today, so we look at the latest instalment, Race Driver 3.

The single player campaign begins at the humble roots of the motorsport ladder, with small series like Formula 1000 and the Nissan Challenge. These provide easy thrills for the entry level competitor.
The race day layout is pretty standard, with features like qualification, tuning and telemetry data all accessible. All fairly normal racing game features.

The one thing that hits you is the amount of different series and formulae, there is a huge selection to unlock. You gain access to the next tier of racing by completing one of the previous level championships.
This can be pretty easy if you manage to qualify near the front, as trying to carve your way through a field of racer’s who have no perception at all can be tricky when you have simulation damage switched on.
That is one of the annoying points of this game; there is absolutely no artificial intelligence. The other cars just wont give up if you’re there, where in real life they’ll stave off if you try and drive into them.

There are just small niggles that can ruin the normal race, like I said before, your race can be ruined by computer controlled cars just not taking any notice of you, and another point which is of great annoyance is the camera.
There doesn’t appear to be any control to look around your car, a la Forza. This is quite important to inspect the damage done by the supposed AI cars.

I won’t lie here, I like Race Driver 3 a lot, but I can’t help but wonder what it would have been like with another month or two of development.

Still, there are loads of different race series, hundreds of cars and a good handling engine, so it still makes it one of the better racers of late, just not the best, as has been the case for the Toca games of old.

Play it, enjoy it, and wait patiently for Forza 2 or Toca 4.

Platform: Xbox
Developer: Codemasters
Publisher: Codemasters
RRP: £29.99



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