US Rally 2005

The only rallying we see on these shores on the ‘ol box seems to be the WRC, we don’t even normally get the national event at ‘real’ times of the day, so any chance to catch up with the happenings from series around the world is good.

We look at the US Rally Championship 2005 review DVD.
Not as well shot as the Dakar DVD we reviewed earlier, it has a more ‘American’ camera feel to it (where it feels a little more cheaply produced then UK counterparts), however it does make more use of on-board shots, allowing the viewer to get his full fill of motorsport action in the relatively short calendar of events.

That’s quite a major aspect of this DVD, there is quite a lot for each event however, there really aren’t that many to report on, and the last one is barely reported on at all, making it feel rushed to press rather than having time taken over it.
There are useful graphics the way through (very much a reminder of the BRC coverage over here), that keep you informed with what’s happening when the commentators get somewhat erratic, and like the Dakar DVD, it can leave you a little lost and confused.This DVD is definitely a buy if you are a rally or general motorsport fan as it allows you to hold a little more info on the world scale and can impress the people down the pub for knowing the names of the most obscure American rally stars. Published by: Duke
Title: US Rally 2005
RRP: £14.99


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